Preferred Tape Inc. Merges with Rocket Industrial


Acquired by Rocket Industrial, PTI is now part of a national distribution network. Part of a network of 14 distribution centers across the United States, we now provide more products and services to our customers in a timelier manner.

More Capabilities
Rocket Industrial offers key innovations to world-class manufactures to help them achieve their business goals. With a wider depth and breadth of products, including sustainable packaging options, Rocket Industrial can provide solutions to all your packaging challenges. We also offer customization to our paper products. Our state-of-the-art 100,000 class cleanroom is the only one in the industry for paper converting. The cleanroom consists of a double-walled HVAC system to ensure clean air is delivered, humidity and temperature control, a gowning room, and an anti-static floor coating. We can produce cheese interleave, pizza wax paper, butcher paper, and any type of kraft paper.

Our customers have access to more services to ensure effective packaging. The packaging test lab evaluates your company’s current packaging configurations and provides recommendations to ensure your packaging is performing at its best. Put through rigorous tests, we can enhance your product’s packaging with more efficient solutions. With a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, we can monitor, source, and replenish your supplies to free up valuable facility space while ensuring you are never out of stock again.

From case sealers to banders, stretch wrappers to conveyors, our automation equipment ensures that your supply chain is optimized to reduce costs while reducing damage during shipments. Whether you want to upgrade your hand stretch process to an automatic one or reduce human contact to uncover annual labor savings, our packaging experts will find you the best machine for your application and budget.

This merge to Rocket Industrial allows us to combine our expertise to assure our customers are getting the best service. Head over to Rocket Industrial’s website to browse products and learn more about our services.